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About ACMS

Contact information

300 Benton Way
American Canyon, CA  94503-4254

(707) 259-8592 [phone]
(707) 259-8800 [fax]


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Office Hours:






Appointments Required:
(707) 259-8592

Visitors need to complete the following each time they enter the campus:

  1. COVID-19 Home Self Symptoms Check 

  2. Wear and keep face mask on during entire visit at ACMS

  3. Enter only through designated front office door

  4. Sanitize hands and Sign In

  5. Practice keeping 6 feet of space between you and other people

  6. Only one person in office at a time

  7. If there is more than one visitor, please follow the instructions of ACMS Greeter to wait outside until guided to enter.

  8. Walk-in families will be asked to wait outside for the next available front office staff person. 

  9. Sign out when you leave the office.


To report your student's absence,
call 644-1106 x106.

Provide student's name, date of absence(s), reason for absence, homeroom teacher's name.

Attendance information


School Grounds
map of school

"Inspiring and preparing students today for the possibilities of tomorrow"

Core Values
  • Empower All Students 
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Clear and Consistent Expectations
  • Strong Relationships and Community
  • Open and Respectful Communication

Inspiring and preparing students today for the possibilities of tomorrow by instilling the 4 "C"s (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration & Creativity) in a respectful, safe, collaborative community by utilizing clear expectations and focusing on strengthening relationships.