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Measure H Implementation Plan Update to Improve Napa and American Canyon Schools
Posted 1/24/20

Napa Valley Unified School District (NVUSD) today provided an update to the community regarding a proposed updated Measure H Implementation Plan, which will be voted on by the Board of Education at the February 27 meeting. 

During the October 2019 NVUSD Board of Education meeting, the decision was made to cancel the construction of a new middle school to ensure the district remains fiscally solvent and address the reality of declining enrollment in both Napa and American Canyon. Since then, NVUSD has been working on a proposal to address the needs of the current American Canyon Middle School campus, while considering broader facilities needs across the district. Specifically, the district is looking for ways to ensure space at ACMS is maximized for current and future enrollment. 

The proposed plan includes construction of a new, state-of-the-art, multipurpose room at ACMS. This project will provide expanded space for lunch and student activities as well as additional classrooms for the performing arts and new kitchen facilities. The current multipurpose room seats approximately 170 students while the enrollment at ACMS will continue to be in the range of roughly 950-1000 students over the next few years. Additionally, NVUSD will move vacant portables off the campus to create additional usable outdoor space. 

“We are excited about the district’s proposal and believe a modern, larger multipurpose room will allow for rich and varied programming to more students and members of our community while also addressing overcrowding,” said Dr. Dan Scudero Principal at ACMS. “It’s a great step forward for ACMS that will have lasting impact for years to come.”

NVUSD will be seeking input from parents, teachers and the community throughout the process, including formation of a design advisory committee for the new ACMS building. 


Additional Facility Needs

After an extensive audit of every school in the district and revisiting the language of the voter approved bond measure, NVUSD staff identified many critical facilities needs which are also included in the proposed Measure H Implementation Plan, in addition to the new ACMS multipurpose room. These include:

  1. Replacing aging, leaking roofs at seven campuses that have been deemed critical and urgent. The district will also replace HVAC and paint exteriors at these identified sites. Five schools are in Napa, and two are in American Canyon. 
  1. Installing new synthetic athletic fields district-wide as all have passed their recommended life span. This project includes new turf at all middle and high schools in Napa and American Canyon. 

The bond implementation plan will be voted on by the Board of Education at its February 27 meeting.