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No Food Drop Offs or Food Deliveries

ACMS does not allow ANY food delivery or lunch drop offs.

For student safety reasons, and to control disruptions of school operations and the learning environment, ACMS does not allow ANY food delivery or lunch drop offs anywhere, including on basketball court or gym.

Second, we are finding that the increasing number of these types of attempted deliveries are disruptive to both school operations and the learning environment.  The State legislature has directed school districts through Education Code 32212 to control interruptions during school hours.  Furthermore, Board Policies 1250 and 6116 require school staff to ensure that disruptions to school operations and classrooms are kept to a minimum.  Accordingly, we have determined that we can no longer permit outside food drop offs or delivery services to take school staff away from their duties in order to handle such deliveries and cannot permit constant interruptions of class instruction in order to deliver them.

Students are allowed to bring their own lunch from home.  In addition, all meals from the cafeteria are free to all students regardless of income levels for the 2023-2024 school year.

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